You’ve heard the term since the day you went into business, but is your current approach to “marketing” truly strategic?

In today’s fast-paced world, more and more decisions are being driven by the internet as consumers use everything from Google Maps to Yelp when making up their minds. Offline marketing, of course, also remains an integral part of success as well.

Finding the balance between the two is where most businesses struggle and, like many things today, expectations don’t always match reality.


Expectation #1: A bigger online presence means bigger profits

Reality: Just because you have a lot of social media followers does not mean they are engaged with your brand or likely to become customers. You can’t just be posting content for likes or trying to pump up your social media accounts. You need to come up with a strategy that truly connects with your ideal audience (i.e., potential customers). One way to do this is through incorporating content that your audience will find appealing and valuable. This form of marketing helps build trust and loyalty, which increases the potential of higher profits.


Expectation #2: You need to invest less offline and more online

Reality: Offline marketing is still a huge part of successful advertising and you can end up outpacing your competitors just be sticking to a few more traditional methods that they may be overlooking. There are great offline methods to reach customers in many markets, you just need to find them. As you search for the offline methods, keep in mind that offline and online marketing can be designed in a way that they compliment each other.


Expectation #3: If you have a great website, your work is mostly done!

Reality: A great website will be the cornerstone of your online presence and certainly a necessity, but it’s far from the only thing you need to be doing when it comes to establishing your online presence. Running social media accounts on the various platforms is crucial, as is interacting with and listening to your audience in a timely manner so they perceive that you truly care. Additionally, it is important that you stay up to date with the latest trends and how it affects your business and always actively optimize campaigns and study the analytics. All of these are ongoing duties.


Are Your Expectations Realistic?

As experienced specialists in the luxury market, we know what it takes to get a brand’s story across. We also know how important it is to use both online and offline methods in order to reach customers, establish a solid presence, and build a name for your brand.


We have the knowledge and the experience that will help your business outpace and outsmart your competitors using a mix of both innovative and proven marketing tactics that will help your business reach potential customers.


From website optimization to social media management and so much more, we can get your business on track to pull in clients both locally and from abroad.


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