Hotel Marketing Representation for outstanding companies in majestic locations.

Reputable Marketing Services

Our marketing strategies are perfectly tailored to our clients’ needs.  We strive to provide outstanding service to our clients and to get the results that your business needs to reach its full potential!


How we do it



► We’re a fully-fledged online marketing agency and provide strategy and campaign management from points A-Z.

► We market to our ever-growing database of key agents, tour operators, media and direct consumers.



► We communicate regularly with the travel trade throughout North America, and English, as well as German, speaking Europe. This includes communications with those in France and Eastern Europe.

► We do sales calls, roadshows, and even workshops with the travel trade.

► We attend trade fairs and travel shows on behalf of our clients.

We pride ourselves in going the extra mile for your businesses marketing needs.


 Public Relations

► We have an alliance with public relations (PR) firms in France, London, New York, continuing in goal to consistently grow and cater to all our clients’ needs.

► Our network includes some of the most influential public figures in the media industry and beyond, striving for excellence that goes unparalleled.



Why you should work with us


  • As the Founder and Sales & Marketing Director, I have over 17 years of experience managing and marketing high-end properties throughout the world.
  • I am a trusted industry expert with strong connections in the travel world.
  • I have a qualified team of experts to support me, providing my clients with optimized and professional marketing.
  • We work solely with companies who are conservation-orientated, ethically minded, change makers, and leaders in their fields. 
  • We are a small boutique agency, with clients who we partner with after careful consideration; we look for quality over quantity. We work with clients who love their industry and are passionate about changing the world with their business.
  • And lastly, we are passionate about what we do! Marketing is not just something we are great at, ensuring your business’ growth is something that we love.