5 SEO tricks to promote your website – Many business owners find SEO complicated and often leave out this important component of website optimization.   We have compiled a quick list of 5 SEO tricks that you use to promote your website. These 5 tricks will give your website a boost for sure:

1.  Make your website mobile friendly

Ensure your website is mobile friendly, this means that your website should be responsive and fit the screen that it’s viewed on like tablet or smartphone. Many business owners make the mistake of not making their websites mobile friendly which makes it complicated to view on a smaller screen.

Test if your website is mobile friendly by entering your website URL here.

2.  Provide a great user experience

Your website should provide short answers to the questions your prospective clients might have.  Be sure to keep it simple as over-complicating your website with long drawn out text paragraphs will hinder the user experience. Visiting your website should be a seamless process.

3.  Keep your content fresh

Your website is never done. Do your keyword research, regularly write blog posts, and continue to update your website copy. In order for your website to work, you need to do the work.

Your Ubersuggest to do your keyword research and include relevant keywords in your blog posts and website copy.

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4. Think about your links

Make your website copy and blog posts link rich. This means you need to think about where you can add links both onsite and offsite. Onsite links redirect to other pages and blog posts on your own website. Offsite links redirect to other pages that you are promoting or perhaps have cooperation with or that you have used as a reference.

5.  Use ALT tags

Always describe your visual and video media using ALT tags. This is a really good way to get search engines to crawl your website.  Using ALT tags on images in your online store will boost your SEO but it is also important to use ALT tags on a website whether it has an online store or not. The benefit is great.

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